"Working with Johan is amazing.  By collaborating with him during the editing process I'm able to create the soundtrack at the same time as with the film instead of us both struggling with replacing temp score." 

- Dylan Avery

 American filmmaker and director, 

"Johan has the unique ability to take simple ideas

and inspirations and turn them into musical masterpieces

that brought my film to a new level. "

- Kevin Booth 

 American film director, producer and musician
 Hollywood, LA

"Johan Monell is hands down, the go to guy for composing to a higher than normal standard.

I would have him score anything from a full lenght feature film, to documentaries, commercials, and everything in between. Amazing composer, very polite and professional, and his sound scapes/audio palette choices are bar none, the best."

- Wolfbain Productions

Binghamton, New York

"ESO produces a great variety of audiovisual products and the use of inspiring music is an crucial factor to the success of these products.
Throughout several projects  it always has been a fruitful and most inspiring experience to collaborate with Johan B. Monell.  
The latest was the planetarium fulldome production "From Earth to the Universe" which greatly benefits from Johan's majestic and
high-quality music. Johan is always flexible, fast and can easily change genres from classical to more modern."


The European Southern Observatory

Garching, Germany 

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