Johan B. Monell started playing music at the age of seven and has been composing music since the age of ten. He has played in over a dusin bands, from pop bands to metal bands with concerts and touring nationally and internationally. He plays drums, guitar, bass, piano, synth and keyboard and have been doing so for more than 25 years and has several album and single releases from his former career as a touring musician.




Johan has worked freelance as a front of house sound-technician for seven years, scene-technician for ten years and has a long career as a professional arranger and song instructor for theater and plays. He has also composed, recorded and produced songs in many different genres through out the years. He is one of the Music Ambassadors at European Southern Oberservatory (ESO)



Johan B.Monell is educated in jazz-harmony, music-theory, music-history, sound-technique and sound-design. Living near the immense forest of the central-east Norway, he draws inspiration from that environment daily to fully express himself in all of his music. His niche is music for TV and film.  

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